Donate to Tim's Campaign!

Successful campaigns depend on the financial support of core supporters like you.

Federal Green Party fundraising goes to support the overall national effort with only limited funds trickling down to local campaigns.

Tim needs your support to help design, publish and distribute campaign literature, provide honorariums to core campaign volunteers, arrange participation in community events, and much more.

You can donate directly to Tim's campaign through the following PayPal link:

You do not need a PayPal account - a Canadian credit or debit card will do.

To get a tax receipt, be sure to check the box to allow PayPal to share your address with us. Only Canadian citizens, Canadian Non-Residents and those with Permanent Residents Status are allowed to donate.

Donations to political campaigns are eligible for significant tax credits when you file your 2019 return - 75% of the first $400 donated will be refunded at tax time, with lesser but still significant rebates up to the maximum of $1600.

Even if you already donate (to any party) at the national level, you can still help Tim's campaign in University-Rosedale - each national and local campaign has a separate $1600 limit.  (For tax rebate purposes, your rebate is based on the total amount donated to all federal campaigns, national or local.)

Your Donation Your Tax Credit Your Cost After Tax Credit
$50.00 $37.50 $12.50
$100.00 $75.00 $25.00
$150.00 $112.50 $37.50
$200.00 $150.00 $50.00
$300.00 $225.00 $75.00
$400.00 $300.00 $100.00
$500.00 $350.00 $150.00
$750.00 $475.00 $275.00
$1000.00 $558.00 $442.00
$1600.00 $650.00 $950.00

If you prefer to donate by cheque, make it payable to either " University-Rosedale Federal Green Party Association“ or "URFGPA” and send it to:

Brian Keith, Financial Agent

95 Inglewood Drive,
Toronto, ON
M4T 1H4  

Cash donations of $20 or less are also accepted, please provide your name and address at time of donation in order for a tax receipt to be issued.

If you'd like to support Tim but are short on cash, no problem - we welcome volunteers in a range of roles!