Tim Grant

About Tim

Tim Grant grew up in Moore Park and has lived in the Harbord Village for 35+ years. In his day job, Tim is the publisher of Green Teacher, one of the most respected environmental education magazines in the world. Over the years, he edited 10 books and hosted 85 webinars on a wide variety of education topics.

He was the chair of the Harbord Village Residents Association for seven years and a board member for fourteen.  During that time, he organized 8 different tree promotion projects, including Toronto’s first neighbourhood-wide tree inventory.  He raised money for Scadding Court’s university scholarship program for low-income students in Alexander Park. He co-chaired the Downtown West Solar Energy Project that enabled dozens of downtown residents to add solar panels to their rooftops and become early adopters of solar energy. He co-chaired Tower Power Toronto, which enabled those in condos, co-ops and apartment buildings to green their buildings.  Fifteen years ago, he initiated the Harbord Street Pumpkin Festival in conjunction with the Harbord Street Business Improvement Association, and occurs every year on November 1st.   Through these years, Tim worked closely with most of the residents’ associations on the west side of University-Rosedale.  Most recently, he’s been very involved with Charter City Toronto, a project to help our city gain the power to make its own decisions and have the financial resources it needs to thrive.

He has been the Green candidate in the last 3 provincial elections, initially in Trinity-Spadina and most recently in University-Rosedale.  He has served as the parties’ Transport Critic for 7 years and continues to mentor younger candidates. Tim has the experience, skill and leadership to be your MP in Ottawa.

Tim's campaign can be reached at info@votetimgrant.ca or by cell at 647-781-7610.