Green Economy

"Central to our policies is understanding that there is no conflict between environment and economy."

(From Green Party of Canada Website)

Climat Crisis

Kyoto Protocol 1997 (GHG), Paris Climat Accord 2015 (COP21), Federal/Provincial Frame Work for Carbon Tax

Human Rights

"Canadian traditional values of peace, the rule of law and the common good, and to be a positive force in the community of nations."

(From Green Party of Canada Website)


Money is important.

"It is essential that we become far more creative in reducing our unbalanced dependence on trade with U.S., and that we significantly invest in a National Clean Tech/Energy program to remain price competitive and sanction-free. And finally, that we conserve natural resources and invest more in long-term education and re-training." (From GPC website)

Good Government

"The cornerstone principles of our system of government are that Members of Parliament represent their constituents, not their political party; that all MPs are equal, with the Prime Minister first among equals; that the Prime Minister reports to Parliament, not the other way around; and that Parliament controls the public purse." (From GPC Website)


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