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Mission: Possible

The Green Party of Canada has one of the most ambitious and comprehensive plans to address the existential issue of our time - climate crisis. The time to act was decades ago - there still is a chance to right the ship but it will take bold leadership, a serious action plan, and urgent action.

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A New Deal For Cities

University-Rosedale is located in the heart of one of the world's greatest cities. Toronto has serious challenges such as inadequate transit and soaring housing costs.  Toronto struggles to cope given Canadian cities are creatures of the province - and as Ford and Harris have shown, a malevolent provincial government can cause cities like Toronto significant harm.  Tim and the Green Party support charter status for Canadian cities so they can control their own destiny.

University Rosedale: A Scheer (and Fear)-Free Zone

Considering voting Green but scared doing so might allow a Conservative candidate to win?  Fear not - University-Rosedale is not only one of the greenest communities in Canada, it's also one of the least likely to send a Conservative to Ottawa.